Pikit - Corentin Brand

Pikit - Corentin Brand

Pikit - Corentin Brand

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Each turn in Pikit, you roll two dice, then if you roll doubles, you claim the mecha matching that value, whether from the table or another player; if you don't roll doubles, then use the die values — adding the numbers, subtracting them, etc. — to claim scoring cards, many of which also have abilities you can use to steal cards, draw additional cards, block an opponent's effect, and so on.

Pikit is a collision course of colossal proportions, as monstrous competitors duke it out to see who will reign supreme. In Pikit, players roll dice that will determine which cards they can take. Players can use their cards to activate special abilities, or hold on to them, scoring the points they’re worth at the end of the game. Once the deck of cards is depleted, the game ends and the player with the most points wins.